Galini Village Naxos Island Greece

Galini & Eggares Villages in Naxos

Galini is 5 kilometres north of Naxos Town and it is a traditional and quiet and peaceful village, in the verdant Galini Valley. The area is surrounded by orchards and farms and the beach (Amitis beach) is only 1500 metres away from the village. In the village are a few taverns and there is a mini market. Ypsilotera Virgin is a tower monastery (1600 AD) and it is said to be the strongest fortress on the island. It was both a base for operations and a hide place of the region. Inside the tower there is a post-Byzantine church with an excellent temple. The tower of Ypsilotera Virgin is currently not open to the public.

Eggares is a traditional agricultural village, not very "touched" by tourism. It is located about 7 Km north of Naxos Town in a lovely and very fertile valley. the nearest beach is Amitis (1 kilometre away). In the village are few taverns and there is a mini market. "Eggares Olive Press" museum is worth a visit.

Two villages that share the fertile Galini - Eggares valley. A choice for agrotourism, quiet vacation and walking.

At a glance

  • Galini: 5 Km to Naxos Town
  • Eggares: 7 Km to Naxos Town
  • Accommodation in both Galini & Eggares
  • A few taverns and mini-markets
  • Nearest beach: Amitis

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Eggares Village