Useful Tips

Before booking a hotel

Check prices with Hotel's own reservation system and then compare to online reservation portals. Most of the hotels check-out time is 11:00 am, but it may vary according to each hotel policy. Please enquire the hotel.

Escape Naxos Rent a Car

Touring Naxos

Visitors who plan to tour the island would find it convenient to rent a car. An international driver's license and a credit card for collateral would be necessary. Scooter rental is also an option.

Beaches you can hire loungers and parasols

At Saint George Beach, Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka and Mikri Vigla Limanaki (the south section of Mikri Vigla) there are loungers and sun umbrellas to hire. In Mikri Vigla Parthena, Orkos, Kastraki, Alyko, Pyrgaki, Agiassos, Amitis (west side of Naxos) and in Moutsouna, Apollon, Psili Ammos, Panermos (east side of Naxos) there are no loungers and umbrellas available to hire.

Majo Suites Hotel with private pool or Jacuzzi

Protected beaches from north winds

Saint George Beach (the northern part is protected, the south part can be wavy but it's enjoyable), Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka, Mikri Vigla Limanaki (the south section of Mikri Vigla), Alyko, Pyrgaki, Panermos, Kalandos.

Exploring Old Naxos Town

You should allow yourself at least several hours to explore the Old Naxos Town and the Venetian Castle. There are two museums to visit, the Archaeological Museum and the Venetian Museum, and walking through Naxos Old Town tiny passages, alleys and arches is a must.

Panoramic Views

On the way from Filoti Village to Apeiranthos (1.5 Km before Apeiranthos Village), Rotonda Cafe is an excellent spot with amazing view to west of Naxos and far up to Paros Island.
5 Km north of Apeiranthos, Savros Keramotis offers beautiful views to both west and east sides of the island. Whatever mainland route to Koronos or Apollonas you take, you will always cross Stavros Keramotis. There is always a place next to the church of Stavros to park your car and enjoy the view.

Ocean Blue Car & Motorbike Rental